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We know that you treat each and every pupil under your care as if they were your own. We also realise that keeping tabs on each and every one of them can be difficult. School children are curious, innovative individuals who are social media savvy. There’s no mistaking it, they’ll be the first to grasp and use all the new jargon, trends, text speak and hashtags. Let’s face it, new hashtags come out daily and if you don’t keep tabs on them they can spread around the playground like the measles. Thankfully, LDD Education can help you keep this new phenomenon under control with one of our cyber security solutions.

When you enable one of our schools cyber filtering systems you’ll be one step ahead of your pupils as the security solution is intuitive and will automatically refresh content filtering and word association, keeping track of trends.

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The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
There is now legislation that schools keep their pupils safe online and that children are prevented from being drawn into terrorism and extremism online. A fully enabled school’s cyber security solution such as iboss or Smoothwall will aid educators with E-Security. A school’s internet filtering system is intuitive, barring certain words and phrases on your web browsers … After all, kids will be kids!

However, school’s cyber security isn’t just about the safely of your pupils when using the internet. It’s about the wealth of personnel information and data held about pupils and staff, not to mention forthcoming exam papers!

You’re safe in your hands
LDD Education are a ‘Value Added Reseller’ (VAR) for two of the safest school’s cyber security solutions on the market. Now, to become a VAR is no mean feat, as the LDD team goes through days of sales training, product knowledge and exams to gain this accreditation. Therefore, purchasing your cyber security from us means that not only will you be guaranteed an expert to advise you on the best solution for your needs but LDD Group are able to secure special prices reserved only for verified resellers.

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