Your local ICT Superheroes are just a phone call away

We know how it is, you’re busy, and all of a sudden there’s a blip with your technical systems and your IT guy is miles away… Frustrating isn’t it!

Well, here at LDD Education, we can alleviate this issue. You see, all our technicians are locally based and can spend at least half a day per week at your school to iron out any issues you may have. Sounds good don’t you think?

These days, technology is an integral part of running your school efficiently. However, the behind-the-scenes stuff, like an effective network infrastructure, Wi-Fi, cyber security and cloud services can seem like a pipe dream, especially if you don’t have a robust ICT system in place. Plus, dedicating time to sorting it just becomes another item to add to your ever increasing to-do list.

To alleviate this and for more information on our superheroes please call 0113 224 2222

Don’t worry; help is at hand, as LDD Education really understands the world of ICT and importantly how it integrates with schools. In fact, we’re passionate about schools ICT and about how we can improve your day-to-day life, ensuring you get more time to do what you do best.

We know your time is precious that’s why we have one of the best tech teams in the business. You see, they’re trained to think on their feet and are tasked with troubleshooting issues before they arise, ultimately, saving your school downtime as they can often suggest alternative solutions.

Still unsure? You know you don’t have to take our word for it, as you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Click here for LDD Group testimonials.

local ICT Superheroes