It’s a matter of trust

What exactly is the cloud? Ok, so we’re all pretty familiar with the term ‘Cloud storage’ as it’s been floating around for about 10 years now. On a personal level, we all trust it implicitly. Most of us use social media or emails on our phones several times a day. We upload and download as many gigabites as we see fit, trusting the cloud with important files, precious photos and data, to services such as Google Docs and Dropbox, without actually thinking where in the world is my information stored? But when it comes to your business and your customers we all become more vigilant, and rightly so, as we’ve all seen articles in the press about breeches of cyber security.

At LDD Group, we use cloud service providers whose security levels match the ones used by Ministry of Defence…

Just what is the cloud?

A cloud storage system is a remote storage device; it behaves in just the same way as your hard drive or the office server. The only difference is that your data will be stored off your premises. Don’t worry though, it’s just as accessible and probably safer to use a data centre because you’ll find that your business will be more resilient to unforeseen challenges such as a power or broadband outage and theft – not to mention disasters such as fire and flood. Having ‘on premise’ servers is costly. As well as the initial purchasing cost for the hardware and licensing there’s the installation and running costs such as cooling and electricity, plus maintenance, and all this adds up.

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