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How LDD Group Technical Services can help an IT Manager

IT manager day to day challenges LDD Technical Services can help
  • Is your company growing but the size of your staff staying the same?
  • Are you under pressure to get new technology up and running quickly?
  • Are you facing a major technology implementation and roll out with no additional staff?
  • Are you faced with yet another time consuming IT deployment project and not completely finished with the last?
  • Would you rather focus on more strategic, business critical tasks instead of monotonous hardware and software configuration and customisation?
  • LDD Group technical professionals collaborate with you on your configuration needs meeting your exact specifications so that you have a seamless experience from planning to implementation.
  • LDD Group can extend your internal resources by doing more in our facility before the solution shows up to your site.
  • LDD Group offers open access to dedicated experts and engineering resources providing you assistance with new technologies.
  • LDD Group reduces the number of touches needed to deploy hardware by configuring/integrating your hardware at the time of assembly resulting in faster time to solution.
  • Receive a fully integrated and tested solution and onsite installation to accelerate your project implementation.
  • Receive fully configured racked and ready-to-go¬†servers and storage complete with state-of-the-art cable management and asset tags.
  • Get ready-to-deploy solutions delivered directly where and when you need them.
  • LDD Group offers best-in-class value by leveraging our commercial powers for your hardware configuration/integration.
  • LDD Group performs your configuration/integration in ISO 9001:2008 environments, providing quality processes that lead to consistent and more stable configurations.

How LDD Group Technical Services can help a CIO

CIO focus LDD Technical Services can help
Business agility
  • Broad portfolio.
  • Faster technology transitions.
  • Accelerate adoption of new technologies.
  • Smooth solution deployment.
  • Faster return on IT investment.
  • Numerous solutions from desktop to data centre.
  • Platform lifecycle management such as system customisation and image management.
  • Supports new technologies, including blade, thin client etc.
  • In house configuration, customisation, rack integration and total solution testing.
  • Ready to deploy out of the box solutions and onsite installation services.
Managing costs
  • Save time, money and resources.
  • Collaborate with industry experts.
  • Enhance existing resources.
  • One touch efficiency.
  • Pre priced, pre packaged portfolio helps in IT planning and budgeting.
  • Free your resources to focus on your business critical tasks.
  • Dedicated team engagement from planning through implementation including expert on site deployment assistance for easy set up.
  • Fully customised ready to deploy solutions shipped directly to your deployment site to accelerate project implementation.
Mitigating risk
  • Predictable hassle free experience.
  • Systems, processes, people.
  • Efficiency and quality.
  • A core competency with over 50 years combined experience.
  • Repeatable quality process that lead to consistent and stable configurations.
  • Dedicated technical managers and vendor trained specialists.
  • Built to your exact specifications and delivered according to your expectations.
Increase performance and quality
  • Innovation based on standards.
  • Industry trends.
  • Virtualisation.
  • Our technical resources are your technical resources.
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2004 environment.
  • IT Service Management methodology.